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Naithon beach is located closer to the northwestern part of Phuket Island. Phuket International Airport to Naithon is only about 6 km away. Which is very convenient for both arrival and departing tourists. At the airport, many different taxi services and you can get to the beach very simply and cheaply, but not all taxis are equally useful. Personally, I use and recommend all taxis with an unexpected name Taximeter. What does it mean? Why such a strange name? 

Apparently, they have a counter in the car. And, which turned out to be a complete surprise for me, the best price among all the carriers that offer transfers from the airport. In any case, before Naithon, only 260 batt will have to be paid (160 for the meter and 100 for the airport). I always give the driver 400 baht, because competitors have prices starting from 500, and especially arrogant people run around with signs on which one and a half and two thousand are drawn for a trip to any beach.

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That is not logical, because a taxi will take 12 minutes to Naithon, and 40 minutes to some Surin beach, and to Nai Harn beach it will take about an hour and a half. So, in our case, it is preferable to take a taxi, equipped with a counter. But the driver, too, would be nice to tip. This is just my opinion, I do not impose it on anyone, you are free to act in your own way.
But back to the beach. On both sides, Naithon is bounded by rocks.

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The sand on the beach is different. Mostly coarse sand, sometimes very fine sand. I did not find any patterns. Not such that it is coarse sand on the right, but fine sand on the left, or vice versa. Somehow everything here with sand is definitely not very. You can walk along the beach yourself and choose a place to your liking.
Entry into the water here is comfortable everywhere. At high tide deep already close to the shore, at low tide more smooth, as elsewhere. But here on Naithon and at low tide you can swim quite well, unlike many other beaches. Yes, at least on the same Banana beach.

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It seems to be near, and it should be similar, but no, at low tide on Banana beach everything is very sad. Finely, stones stick out and not bounty. But on Naithon beach there is no such problem. And you can swim at low tide. The only thing is to swim very close to the stones from the north, and from the south side of the beach, probably not a good idea.
Unless, you are a fan of snorkeling. Then yes. With a mask and a tube here it is the most fish-enough, there are even moray eels. But this is for amateur.

I just want to warn:
 The stones are hard here, as well as everywhere. In some places they are covered with no less rigid, but at the same time more sharp shells. And this surprises is partly above water, and partly under. And the water in the ocean, she is power. It can slightly lift you up and drop it on a pebble. And then your body is unlikely to be delighted by such unplanned contact with a rock covered with sharp shells like blades. And this surprises here under water enough. So, neater. But, I repeat, this is just around the edges. There are no stones in the middle of the beach.
Still there are no stray sellers. Well, those that are with ice cream, corn and beads. So no one will disturb your lazy chilling,

but at the same time you must be prepared for the fact that if you want ice cream, you will have to run 100-150 meters yourself to the nearest cafe. Fortunately there are enough of them. For every taste and wallet. Although no, not on any wallet. The prices here are quite affordable, so that those who like to pay more will have to run. But to the delight of fans of the economy rate, along the beach is full of all sorts of makashnikov. These are such «mobile kitchens» as I call them. When a sidecar is attached to the moped, on which they equip both the kitchen, and the counter, and the dining room. Makashniki can offer a lot of things. They have corn, and kebabs, and noodles, and soups, and fruits.
The whole cuisine of Thailand is here. In addition, some outlets are equipped with this menu. Sometimes the thickness of these menus is not inferior to any of the «War and Peace» volume. In general, there is plenty to choose from. And not only to eat, but also to drink, something to wear, footwear, and even a suitcase can be bought here too. Especially this will appeal to those whose airline lost the suitcase.
In principle, in the area of the beach Naithon you can live without renting a bike or a car. In addition to numerous cafes and cafes, there are also mini-markets in the style of 7-11, and a couple of places with automatic spiral machines. This is for particularly thrifty citizens who prefer to wash themselves and dry on the balcony. Yes, I myself am so. For everyone else — there are laundry facilities at the hotels.
And it turns out that the beach is such an entire autonomous one and you can spend the whole vacation here without having to go somewhere. And that means that the transport does not have to be spent. Moreover, we must bear in mind that in our understanding of public transport in Phuket, we can say that there is not. Therefore, speaking of transport savings, I do not mean a bus or subway, but renting a bike or a car. Here, who likes what.

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By the way, here, on Naithon, the most loyal rules of renting without this nonsense, such as a passport as a deposit. Well, prices are also normal. You can take.
This is information for those fidgets who have little joy from the sea-sun and give all sorts of different excursions and adventures. Speaking of excursions. There are a couple of legal agencies here and you can buy a lot of things right here. Again without leaving the beach. And in the presence of several traditional Thai long boats for those who want to drive on the island or go fishing.
In general, the area of the Naithon beach, although isolated by mountains, but here you can get all the joys, which the tourist usually expects from Phuket. Everything except girls. This good was not brought due to the specifics of the main contingent of tourists. Somehow it happened that mostly family people gathered here, many with children, and this is not the public who cannot live without go-go bars, night clubs and accessible girls. Some of them might not mind, especially men, but if you came to Tula with your samovar, sit down, as they say, drink tea.
Well, and if anyone wants exotic things, it will take about forty minutes to the center of debauchery.

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Well, everything else is there.
By the way, Naithon is the place that can boast of affordable price tags for a hotel room near the beach. You can easily make sure of this — just check availability and prices at our hotel Thian Seng. And this is the first line, please note.