Very dangerous shooting. Naked Nicole on the rocks in Indonesia


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I apologize in advance for the quality of the images, but we have objective reasons. Now I will try to explain in detail.
We ended up in this place by accident. We drove along a narrow, steep slope of a dangerous mountain road in search of a beautiful location for shooting. We were not sure that we had chosen the right direction, the stones scratched the bottom of the car, we were scared and we wanted to go back, but reversing along this road was complete madness, and there was no place for a U-turn. Suddenly the road widened and we found ourselves at a construction site. In any case, this place was like a construction site. Around were scattered tools, boards, bags of cement and sand. At first, we were glad that we could turn around and get off on a good road. But then we decided that we need to investigate and find out what is happening here.
This can be found in the travel section. I will post a video there when I finish working on the translation. The fact is that part of the video is in English, and part in Russian. We work to translate all videos into English.
So why are photos of such terrible quality and why black and white?
When we finished shooting, strange people came up to us. They were very determined. And yet, they were clearly in a bad mood. They told us that right now we must destroy all the cadres in which there are naked people. This is the requirement of the owner of this place. If you don’t be lazy and click on the link about my travel blog, you will see how high the cliff is here. We were very definitely given to understand that we have two solutions:
1. Delete all photos where I am without clothes and leave;
2. Fly down from the cliff. In this case, these nice guys took over the work of removing the frames and we no longer need to worry about it.

Can you fly like a bird?

Actually, I want to say that after you fly down 200 meters and break onto rocks, you will least worry about the frames on the camera. I was very scared by the prospect of lying on the rocks below. Even the beautiful view around did not save. I realized – the shots will have to be destroyed. That is life. Nothing to do about. We, under the supervision of our new “friends,” deleted all the photos and left.
How my operator surprised me when he proudly showed these photos on the screen of a mobile phone! At that moment, we flew from Denpasar to Bangkok. We sat on the plane if someone did not understand. It turns out that while we were talking with the stern Balinese guys, the operator, without taking the camera out of the bag, managed to connect the camera via Wi-Fi with the phone and started the process of transferring files to the phone! He is my hero! Unfortunately, we did not have much time and only a few JPEG frames were copied. The shooting was carried out with a flash and backlight. These are very difficult conditions and RAW files are required for correct color correction. But, I apologize, we converted everything to black and white.
Enjoy it!)

Naked model Nicole Ross in Bali
Naked model Nicole Ross in Bali

Naked model Nicole Ross in Bali

Naked young model on the rocks. Sunset and ocean

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