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Here’s what I found on the disc today: this is a nude photo shoot of Nicole Ross. She’s most popular model in Europe. These are not my words. So said a famous photographer from Playboy.


Hello! Today I will tell you about one of the coziest and most beautiful beaches in Phuket — Banana Beach. It is very easy to find this beach, it is located on the road from Bang Tao Beach toNaython Beach somewhere in the middle, or even closer to Naython Beach. Do not be afraid to slip …

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Mai Khao Beach in Phuket is often called the “airplane beach”, Nai Yang Beach in Phuket is also very often called the airplane beach. Question: What kind of beach is actually a plane: Nai Yang or Mai Khao? I did not find an unequivocal answer to this question. Therefore, in order not to be confused …

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