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Nude Nicole Ross and Georgy Chernyadyev

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have long dreamed of working with a brilliant photographer from Moscow – Georgy Chernyadyev. My dream came true. We met and had some photo shoots

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The most popular model

Here’s what I found on the disc today: this is a nude photo shoot of Nicole Ross. She’s most popular model in Europe. These are not my words. So said a famous photographer from Playboy.

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Nude Nicole Ross. Storm

It was the most dangerous Nicole Ross nude photo shoot. I took off my clothes and the wind blew them away. He pulled out a bra from my hands! I lost a few of my t-shirts and blouses. But I’m not complaining! Thanks to China – buy new clothes no problem today.

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Nicole nude in a villa.

Photos are ready and published. Enjoy!;)
But so far only a photo guys! I am working on a video. A lot of pictures, not enough clothes. We love just that, right?) It will not be a music video with a nude model