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Photoshoot nude on stones

Nude Nicole Ross and Georgy Chernyadyev

have long dreamed of working with a brilliant photographer from Moscow — Georgy Chernyadyev. My dream came true. We met and had some photo shoots

Nude girl in Lotte hotel

Backstage beauty Nicole Ross undressed and takes some photos

Nicole Ross flew to St. Petersburg. She got a huge room in the most luxurious hotel. Do not ask why, do not ask how. Just see what happens if the beautiful Nicole Ross undresses and takes a few photos.

Nicole Ross on Coconut Part II

Naked Nicole Ross on Coconut Beach

I was stumped. I tried to remove all unnecessary and leave only the best frames. But I could not remove so much. Nicole Ross is beautiful woman without clothes.

The most popular model

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Here’s what I found on the disc today: this is a nude photo shoot of Nicole Ross. She’s most popular model in Europe. These are not my words. So said a famous photographer from Playboy.

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