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Sophia, she is just starting to work as model nude. To undress in front of the photographer is a problem for Sophia. This is still a problem. What will change in the future if it changes? Who knows?

Today we met for the first time and talked with Sophia. On the first day we met, we learned a lot about this young woman.
A young woman is such a new politically correct trend in a “civilized society” But here we are not absolutely politically correct.

Hot thing – that’s what Sophia should be called! Is this enough for you? OK, I have one more for you:
lustful woman, lascivious woman, lewd woman, salacious woman!
This is what we will call Sophia! And all this is true.

This is real. This is about her. To hell with your political correctness! Sophia loves sex. She is ready to have sex for hours. Her boyfriend can do this for a long time too. She’s lucky.

Top model Sophia talks about perfect sex.

  • My boyfriend. He has very gentle hands. The signal for having sex for us is the phrase: “Do you want me to give you a massage?”
  • Wait, Sophia! Tell me first: how long does your sex last on average? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? Hour?
  • From half an hour to 3 hours.
  • You’re lying. That can not be true! No one can take so long.
  • Well, now you know that one person can. At least one)

-Ok, I interrupted you, sorry. Go on. What did you say? Does he offer you a massage? What does it mean?

  • This means that soon I will experience an orgasm. It always means just that, friend! First, he caresses me with his skates on the back. He almost does not touch me, but I feel him. Then he puts me on my stomach and drips coconut oil on my back. I love the aroma of coconut oil. It’s an orgasm soon! Honestly, at this stage I am ready. Everything is wet with me already … Well, there … Well, you know where;) I am ready to receive him as a guest, but he would not be my boyfriend if he entered me at that moment. He continues with smooth and gentle movements a sexual massage. My boyfriend is not missing anything. It evenly applies coconut oil to my body. I am ready to finish from his fingers. Because sometimes his fingers penetrate a little … A little … A little? Yes, I’m ready to explode! He understands this and gently turns me on my back. This sadist did not let me cum again!

I am lying on my back. My boyfriend is now working on my chest and stomach. Again he doesn’t forget anything. His hands gently stroke my body. I never know where he will touch me the next second. He never repeats. Sometimes his fingers penetrate me. Right there. In that very place.

  • Are you talking about the vagina now?
  • You are a genius)

Fingers penetrate, but do not stay there for long. He hints this way: it’s just a massage, it’s definitely not sex, baby! My brain protests first. “How is it not sex? What do you mean?!”
But then I calm down and enjoy the massage. So it takes about half an hour or an hour. I’m relaxed, I’m high, I’m in paradise.
He suddenly abruptly and confidently spreads my legs, leans against me and enters. Enters in one motion. No knocking. Without warning. Deep. I had not suspected before that you could enter me so deeply.

  • Why did you shut up? What then?
  • Then everything is simple: pose number one, pose number two, pose number three. Simple math, understand?;)
  • Yes, I understand. pose number one, pose number two, pose number three. Mathematics, geometry, physics, chemistry. Are you talking about any special poses? The first missionary – I understand that.
  • Is not a fact. I tell you: my boyfriend is an inventor. Do you even listen to me? What will he come up with in a minute? I can not guess.
  • Okay, I understand – he is a damn genius with great imagination. So what’s up with your poses? You can name: in what poses do you have sex? Open all these for the audience: pose number one, pose number two, pose number three.
  • Listen, come on without this, without details, ok? I told you our sex from half an hour to 3 hours. You sit and envy;)

I put the camera in automatic mode. The camera took pictures stealthily and silently. Sophia was taking a naked shower and did not suspect that a hidden camera was taking her off. I will have problems if she sees these frames. I guess she’ll move me over with a truck.