Nude Nicole Ross. Storm

It was the most dangerous Nicole Ross nude photo shoot. I took off my clothes and the wind blew them away. He pulled out a bra from my hands! I lost a few of my t-shirts and blouses. But I’m not complaining! Thanks to China – buy new clothes no problem today.

But there were other dangers. The ocean tried to pick me up 2 times. I think the sharks were already happy – here it is – their breakfast! They prepared knives, forks, napkins. But why do they need napkins in water? No, I think they didn’t have a napkin – that’s stupid. In any case, the sharks were ready. Nicole Ross nude for breakfast – what else to dream about ?! Excellent day! But the sharks dream broke off. It was not their day. I stayed on the rocks. The nails broke, but Nicole remained alive. Naked, wet, salty, but alive Nicole Ross – is there anything better ?;)
I am serious guys. We took a big risk that day. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but in the first minutes the camera was flooded with salt water. We worked with a wet camera and a wet lens. They were covered with a layer of salt! Photographers will understand me. My photographer was crying. He said goodbye to Canon. The story continues on video …

Gentlemen, enjoy backstage shooting in the storm. No cuts!