Nai Yang beach — it is snow-white, fine sand, like flour. This gentle entry into the water is very safe for children. There is a lot of shade here, because it is located in the Sirinat National Park. There are a lot of various small shops, many cafes and makashnikov. Just all the joys of life.

I praise Nai Yang beach so much that someone might think:
 “Wow! Now she does not like Naiton beach, as before? New favorite?”

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This is not true. Nai Yang beach is nice of course. But there is one nuance! Nothing comes to mind? That’s it! Aircraft! Airplanes take off very close to here. Every day, all day. Nonstop. And early in the morning, and late at night. Is always. You can’t turn it off like a light bulb. This is a radio from which you can not hide! Well, do you still want to stay in a hotel near this beach? Fine! Good luck. Personally, I choose Naithon beach for myself. You can have your opinion. But bear in mind: if it is different from mine, then it is wrong. Joke? Not really. Here is my list of unpleasant features of the Nai Yang beach:

nicole ross model on the Nai Yang beach Phuket

The first minus of the beach Nai Yang — airplanes. In addition to noise, there is the danger of poisoning unburned fuel. I’m not sure if the fuel gets into the water, but I’m afraid in advance.
 The second minus. Prices in this area are higher than those I am used to. Sometimes I see prices 2 times more expensive than normal. How to explain it? I do not know. Just accept it as a fact.

Nicole Ross is a nude model from Russia. Photoshoot of a nude young beautiful girl on the beach

The third minus. Rent a motorbike. Few offers. I found only a couple of rentals. And they demanded a passport as a deposit. My opinion: to give a passport as a pledge when renting a motorbike in Thailand is complete madness! Never do that if you don’t like surprises. I think no need to explain what can happen. We are all adults.
Here it is. Now you have my knowledge. Decide for yourself: do you really want to stay at a hotel on the beach of Nai Yang?