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Ника Колосова

Hello Friend!
We upload photos and videos to our website without ads. It is all free! Have you noticed this fact? How do we do this? What’s the catch? And there is no catch! Everything is very simple. We make music, we record videos, we take cool photos of the most seductive girls not to make money. Not! We do this to give beauty and sex to the world. But sometimes we also want to eat, alas. And more models require payment for their work. I do not know what to do right. There are two options:

  1. Make a paid section on the site only for subscribers.
  2. Leave it as it is, but accept voluntary donations for new videos and photos.
    Share your opinion in the comments, please. It is very important for us.

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Option 2 wins the vote.
This is your choice, not ours;)
I ask nothing and do not hint at anything. But!
  If you want to support our creativity

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1 thought on “Help us”

  1. I agree. It’s normal practice to make a paid section on such sites. This is better than annoying ads and pop-ups. This is terrible! I choose a paid subscription.

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