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Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Never give your girlfriend a weapon. Never!


If she has PMS you must remember: this is not the time to experiment with the camera and weapons. No. I advise you to run away and hide. This is the time when getting lost is the best solution for a guy. This is what you should remember, my friend.

What are the symptoms of a girl during PMS?

  1. Feeling tired;
  2. Irritability;
  3. Changes in mood.

Irritability and mood swings. You can score on her fatigue. And tell her:

  • Tired? Lie down on the sofa, relax, fuck your brain. I do not care

But irritability and mood changes make a slightly different sense … mood changes are not the case when there was a bad mood, then it changed and became good. No.

It happens like that: first she has a bad mood, and then Bam! And everything got worse suddenly. That’s what happens in reality, bro.

And in her hands is a combat knife.

Beautiful chica with a knife

Or a gun. And I do not know if the gun is loaded? In any case, the knife looks sharp enough and it does not look like a fake one.
Why am I writing about this and why are you reading? Look carefully, my friend: an almost nude model in photos and videos. She is armed and she has those very days. That’s it – PMS. She wrote to me a few days later about this.

And you know what? Apparently, she perfectly knows how to handle weapons. I drew attention to this. And she does not need my permission. This is her gun. This is her knife.
Now imagine this situation: you are a photographer, you agreed with the model, you rented a studio, you thought out the shooting scenario. And the situation: a beautiful young, sexy woman is undressing in front of you. What needs to be done to relax? Right! We need to joke and have fun!

You didn’t guess, a miserable piece of shit!

Be serious. Behave like a man. No need to smile like an idiot. Tell me what to do and how I should stand, and you click on this damn button on the camera and take a picture.

I heard and startled. You have heard this not every day, I’m sure. She said this in a cold voice and stone face. I looked into her eyes – these were the eyes of the killer. At first, I thought:
“Wow! How she entered the image! She is a professional! ”
And I complimented her acting abilities. It was my second attempt to defuse the atmosphere with a smile and a joke and my second fatal mistake.

Beautiful chica with a knife
  • Shut up and do your job! I am not in the image. You really piss me off. Another joke and I’ll make a couple of extra holes in your torso.

But I like my body. The holes that nature gave me at birth are quite enough for me. I do not need additional upgrades. What will i do? I mean, how will I use the new holes? What if I feel pain? In addition, I was not sure that the new holes would be compatible with life. In general, I closed my mouth because I realized: I want to live a little longer.

She was damn sexy. Look at these slim legs! I envy the master who painted on these legs. He touched them. He stroked them. He is lucky, this guy. If he wasn’t killed after.
Why do I think so? There was a third fatal mistake. I offered to smear the skin with oil.
How is this usually on set? I will tell you now. Listen, bro, why do you think the models in the magazines are so … They have such smooth, shiny skin. Why? Everything is elementary: the model is coated with oil. Who is oiling the model? There are 2 options:

  1. The team has a make-up artist who applies oil to the skin of a nude model;
  2. The photographer makes a model relaxing massage with oil. This does not happen before shooting. Usually, the photographer and the model get used to each other the first half of the shooting time. Then we take a break. Half an hour no more. I call these half an hour massage time. Nobody knows what these half an hour will lead us to. Perhaps we will get great photos after the break. But maybe there will be sex.

Yes damn sex! What did you think? Why does a photographer buy an expensive camera, expensive lenses, rent a studio, hire a model that works in the nude genre? Of course, so you can watch a naked model on this site for free! No.
Sex with a top model is a real pleasure. Millions are looking at her, every man wants to drag her into bed. But millions are just watching photos and videos. And I fuck her. This is the main motivation. This is the only motivation. This is for all photographers without exception. Even a gay man wants sex with a model on set.
How it works? I mean:

  • How to fuck a supermodel on set if you are not Harvey Vanstein?

Massage, my friend. The usual massage. Well, not quite ordinary. We need to get beautiful shots, for this we need to apply oil to the skin. How long does it take? 5 minutes maximum. Look at the watch. I can congratulate you, If you rub the girl oil for 15 minutes. Your process is going in the right direction and she is not against it. It’s a good news. Now let your fingers fool around a bit. Sometimes the fingers touch the nipples on the girl’s chest. Just a little. But you are doing this for the third time and while everything is ok.

she is already without panties

“How do I touch her breasts? Is she naked?”
Of course yes! This is a shooting of a nude model! You forgot? I hope you were not an idiot and she is already without panties. So what is here in our lower abdomen? Oh, this is no longer a stomach, sorry! Once again not a stomach and again sorry. Once again … And you know, mademoiselle, it’s already wet with your fingers and your fingers are slipping. It’s not me! They are such pranksters. Oh, you groaned? Sounds like you like it. Do you know that you will like it even more? Notice, Mademoiselle, my dick just walked in where he was welcomed. Will I make some frictions, mademoiselle? This is very necessary for us now. orgasm does not come on its own, but now it will come, believe me, mademoiselle!

Does every nude shoot end in sex? No, not everyone. 50/50. Or will be, or not.
I did not offer my services as a masseur at that time. Of course no. I saw her rubbing oil into her skin and thought: “If I did it with sandpaper or a shovel, I would have been much more tender.” And I also thought that today is a situation where my little fingers are naughty … They … I can just lose them during a playful game. This warrior queen will easily cut off my fingers with this combat knife. And today is not the best day for such an amputation.

In general, I did not have sex that day. Yes, and it could not be. I was scared. Erection was out of the question. I could have sex with this warrior only if he put a gun to my head. I still do not know how I would cope with the lack of an erection, but the gun at the head is an excellent argument and motivator.

But I got lucky. She didn’t kill me, She didn’t cripple me. The number of holes on my body has not changed. Now I am sitting at home, preparing pictures and videos for publication. All right!
And after the publication of this text, I will calmly go to bed. Why should I worry?

The assassins this dangerous woman sent to me know their job well. They will find me; it makes no sense to hide. Why prolong the agony?

I do not need to worry – a new day will begin without me;)

Dangerous woman with a gun