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Masha Zaitseva - young nude model from the city of St. Petersburg

Masha Zaitseva – young nude model from the city of St. Petersburg

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Svetlana Nikonchuk is a professional top model. You’ve met this chick before if you’ve watched trendy TV shows with models. But on the TV show, all the participants are dressed. Ok, now you can see this girl without clothes.

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Maria didn’t want to show us her breasts. She defended her nipples like Fort Knox. Did the photographer manage to outwit the model? Let’s see together;)

Обнаженная фотография Катя Клигер - фото без одежды - это ню

This is our second joint release with Katya. She has such a hypnotic look! I cannot tear myself away from her. I believe and know – this is not our last work with Katya.

This is the second release with a graceful and cheerful girl. Alena Naatrosha – love her and do not offend her!

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Age 24
Height 165 cm
Weight 55 kg
Professional activity: fitness trainer, model

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Her ass is an art gallery.
Sasha- flexible babe with perfect clean skin.
It is a real pleasure to paint on this skin!

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Young sexy model Playboy nude again in the frame.
But it seemed to me that in a year she managed to gain a little kg?;)
Damn pandemic!!)))