Hello! Today I will tell you about one of the coziest and most beautiful beaches in Phuket — Banana Beach. It is very easy to find this beach, it is located on the road from Bang Tao Beach toNaython Beach somewhere in the middle, or even closer to Naython Beach.

Girl with laptop on the beach

Do not be afraid to slip past him along the serpentine and not notice it will not work. Cars and motorbikes parked in a dangerous and illogical place will help you find the descent to the beach. Seriously, how do people think that you can park a car?
Is it dangerous. You can get hit by a passing car when you get out of your car. In general, my opinion, it is very stupid — to park in this place. From our hotel to Banana Beach on a motorbike can be reached in 3 minutes. Or, if you do not drive a motorbike, contact us and we will help you easily and quickly get to the beach. And then take it back.
 Banana Beach is very small. The total length of 200 meters approximately. Along the edges it is bounded by small rocks. As a result, stones can hide under water. This beach is good at high tide, when high water and when there is no excitement at sea. This does not happen every day,

but with such introductory, we have crystal clear water, and under it beautiful sand. The small patches that reflect the sun’s rays very well and shine like gold give a special beauty to the sand. If you are lucky, you will see Banana beach especially beautiful.

model on the banana beach thailand

Attention! Banana Beach is very dependent on low tide. You will not like this beach, if the sea is low tide. Carefully read the schedule (many resources are available) if you do not want to get disappointed.

There is only one cafe on the beach. In fact, this is Monopoly. There is no other infrastructure on Banana Beach.
There are no shops, no sellers of corn and ice cream. Well, there are no such wild bead dealers. This is easily explained because there are very few people and there is no one to sell the whole thing. Accordingly, there is no one to sell. There are no sellers. Well, in the cafe you can rent a board for sailing on sea, and there is a board with a paddle. Such long traditional Thai boats.

Such long traditional Thai boats

Apparently for an excursion for fishing, you can go and find out what the services offered by the captains of these boats are all very individual
Personally, I like to sit on the rocks on the north side of the beach. There is a pleasant coolness in the shade of the trees, a beautiful view of the sea and no one think and work. Right now I am sitting on a rock and writing this text. No one to ask for help to take a photo, so I will insert a picture from the beach, I’m sorry.;)

Previously, the beach was free from tourists and we could take photos and videos without witnesses. Look at these shots! No people! It was cool. Now everything has changed. Hundreds of tourists break the privacy and quiet beach turned into a Sunday fair. Sadness