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Stunning nature, the growing popularity of island and paradise beaches every year — sometimes that’s all we know about Bali.
Images from the Bounty ad immediately pop into my head: fine, white sand, crystal clear ocean, gentle entrance to the water, secluded bungalows under the sea. Photogenic palm trees in the world … And what a disappointment for people who came here with the same expectations!

Beautiful nude playboy model
Beautiful nude playboy model
Nicole Ross On The Nusa Dua Beach, Bali

1. Let’s start from Melasti beach
Located at the southernmost point of Bali.
The road to this beach deserves special attention — this is a descent along the serpentine, the views from which are simply fantastic. The Balinese cut a path to the water through the rocks. And so well cut through. On conscience. Looking ahead, I can say that Melasti is the only beach in this review that can be reached by car, and not overcome the death strip, like on the others. And below you can see the “broken” gate — a popular symbol of Hinduism on the island. Here, near the gate they sell quite edible sosyxi and tea.

There is no clearly allocated parking zone here, so the bike can be left almost anywhere.
Conventionally, Melasti beach is divided into three zones: to the pier (on the left), immediately after the pier (on the right) and 200 meters from the gate, if you go to the right.
In my subjective opinion, swimming is better in that remote zone — the depth allows.
What I like about Melasti is the absence of huge waves (a breakwater slows them down) and annoying merchants offering to buy everything in the world — from boiled corn to a crossbow or a magic bauble on one leg. But then there is soft golden sand, relative few people, and cleanliness.
And then there is a negligible chance of getting a board on the head — surfers ride in other places. True, there is a risk of touching your head on a stone. Bali is generally a dangerous place;)
Cons Melasti: there is practically no infrastructure. If you need cool cafes on the ocean with vegan raw food in the best traditions of the island (or, well, the worst, with good coffee) — choose another place. A couple of shops selling cold coconuts, sunbeds and umbrellas in limited quantities do not count. But the nipples, I repeat, were offset.
I recommend taking care of drinking water, towels and other necessary attributes of a comfortable stay in advance. And do not leave valuable things such as telephones and cameras unattended; cases of theft by local people are not uncommon. This, incidentally, applies to all of our current places in the review. Something again, I somehow somehow didn’t very happy about Melasti …

Nicole Ross On The Nusa Dua Beach, Bali
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2. Niang Beach — Niang!
The wild beach of Nyang-Nyang began to gain popularity relatively recently.
Accordingly, the tourist service is absent from the word “completely”. By the way, over time you begin to appreciate this fact. Fewer and fewer such places on the planet. I’m talking about the lack of service.
Vooot, but in order to go down to the water, you need to heroically overcome the obstacle course.
There are two options:
The first option is a staircase with 500 gouged steps, sometimes just falling apart under your feet. It will be scary.
2nd option — descent along the serpentine. And do not be fooled by the fact that this serpentine is like a road for cars.

This is not the road. I don’t know what kind of … Stones under your feet can start moving at any moment. And if with the first version of the descent it will be scary, then with the second there is a chance that it will hurt. Not the fact that you fall, but I would not rule out such a development.
But we were pleased with the equipped hotel parking — for 5 rupees you can safely leave the moped in the shade of the trees. Although we personally without problems parked for free both the bike and the car right next to the descent to the beach.
The beach itself left an ambiguous impression: it is long, buried in verdure, looks very beautiful from a height, few waves, deserted …
But it’s shallow, sometimes dirty (garbage from the ocean remains to lie on the shore until someone removes it) and a rocky bottom.
For swimming — definitely not, but if you still want to try it, wait for the tide. Otherwise it will hurt. The stones are hard. Ask Katya.
Of the bonuses: this place is very suitable for photo shoots at sunset — there simply aren’t anyone who wants to get into the frame and ruin the photo, but monkeys don’t count. Well, it doesn’t count … Monkeys are arrogant, impudent and dangerous

Nicole Ross On The Nusa Dua Beach, Bali
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