Nicole Ross model on the Airplane beach Mai Khao

Mai Khao Beach in Phuket is often called the “airplane beach”, Nai Yang Beach in Phuket is also very often called the airplane beach. Question: What kind of beach is actually a plane: Nai Yang or Mai Khao?

I did not find an unequivocal answer to this question. Therefore, in order not to be confused for myself, I decided this: the airport separates these two beaches. From the north of the airport is Mai Khao Beach from the south of the airport is Nai Yang Beach. For me, there is no visible border between these two beaches.

Nicole Ross model on the Airplane beach Mai Khao

 On the other hand, is it really important to us how to call this place? Apparently, yes.
Here the main difference is this: I will choose Nai Yang beach if I am south of the airport (or at the airport) in the case when I plan to sunbathe exclusively, swim and eat. Oh, yes, there is a lot of food here! But if my goal is to photograph on the background of airplanes, it is better to google the route to Mai Khao beach. The explanation is simple:

  • 1. I am a lazy ass. I do not like to walk a lot with heavy bags. The equipment for shooting weighs a lot – a fact.
  • 2. Even if I am a big fan of walking to the location along the surf line in the early morning with a heavy backpack, I will go back under the scorching rays of the sun. And this is not cool.

Therefore, Mai Khao beach. And this point specifically:

 Because here I can park a motorbike right next to the place where the planes are landing and I don’t have to walk much.
But! This trick doesn’t work if you are driving a car! Park it next to the aircraft from the Mai Khao beach will not work. On a motorbike you can drive as close as possible to the point of interest, but not by car. We park the car about 1 km from the location and we will have to walk a lot. This is another argument in favor of renting a motorbike. By the way, we already wrote all about renting a car and a motorbike in Thailand. Click on the link and enjoy.
But let’s go back to our beaches. Low-flying airplanes are the only thing that unites them and how they resemble. Otherwise, these are completely different beaches. Nai Yang beach – it is snow-white, fine sand, like flour. Uhhh … Hmmm … Let me write about this in more detail. There is a complete description of the Nai Yang beach, Phuket.
And we will return to the description of Mai Khao beach. Already just lazy did not write:
“People, there are no shops and cafes here! Bring water and food! ”
 This is true, but not quite. No shops. Fact. But there are makashniki. They will sell you juice, water, ice cream. They will prepare food right here, in the shade of the trees, in the immediate vicinity of the planes. So, you will not die of hunger and thirst on the beach if you take some money with you;)
More about the features of the Mai Khao beach.
There is no transport here. Not at all. Only taxi. But remember – there is no Uber on Phuket. So take care that you have a taxi in the opposite direction too.
There are very few people on the beach. You can find yourself a place for swimming, not to meet people at all. All tourists are located near their hotels. Get away from the hotel a little further and you’re alone.

Mai Khao Beach is a real Paradise if you hate humanity!;)

Features of the beach Mai Khao: there is a very steep descent into the water. A few meters from the coast and already very deep. Dangerous for children. The coarse sand on the beach sometimes resembles small stones. Walking on such sand is difficult – the legs fail and each step is given with difficulty. This sand is very hot in the sun – be careful! But thanks to this, coarse sand is easy to shake off the body and from the towel. Thanks to the coarse sand – the water is always crystal clear. Well seen under water in a mask. But there is nothing to look under the water. Only on sand under water. ? Sometimes small fish swim. It’s all.
No entertainment for tourists is not here. Exception – Waterpark. But in my opinion – you will visit the water park only once. I am sure that the hotel should be chosen in a place where there is a large selection of various pleasures. Namely: clean beach, cheap hotel near the beach, clear water in the sea, fishing, boat rental, rent a motorbike or car, a choice of excursions. All this is not in the area of the beach Mai Khao.
But we have it all, on Naithon beach. Yes, I love our beach! I always talk about him and I never stop doing it! ?
Seriously. I discovered the real pearl of Thailand – Naithon Beach and I want to share this fact with humanity!

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